Blush: A Story of Dominance and Submission
by Jenika Snow
Blush: A Story of Dominance and Submission is a wonderful tale which brings you into the heart of the BDSM scene. The story begins with Kasia, a twenty-seven-year-old woman who, although highly inexperienced sexually, has a vivid and specific appetite to be dominated. She works for Dr. Ronan Devlin as a receptionist with her friend Tatiana, a well-established ‘wild-child’. When Tatiana takes her to the local BDSM club, Cimmerian, Kasia’s life irrevocably changes.

Once inside, Kasia is introduced to the rules of the lifestyle. Standing out like a beacon of light, her inexperience marks her as a coveted prize to men and women alike…but none desires her more than the hot, masked Dom who has been watching her since she entered. After exploring the various viewing rooms, she is approached by the Dom who leads her to a private room where they share an evening of passion which not only fulfills her sexual desires, but an inner need to submit.

Jenika Snow, in her talented manner, reveals the inner world of submissives and dominants. More than sexual conquest, Kasia and her Dom demonstrate how the lifestyle meets emotional needs which far surpasses the physical pleasures of the flesh. Kasia’s need to obey her Master and her Dom’s need to control her are not about power, but about allowing the other to express an essential part of who they are. As two parts of one whole, they complete each other in the process.

The sex is red-hot, scorching the pages with pleasures of the flesh and emotional highs. As sub and dom play their roles, Ms. Snow reveals the subtle control the sub has over the master, and the gentle caring of the master towards his submissive.

The story requires the reader to suspend a few beliefs, such as the willingness of a woman who has only had sex once in her life, to engage in the exploits of the evening so quickly and naturally with little physical pain and minimal emotional fallout. The admissions of love are also a bit fast and aren’t based on the slow revelation of the characters getting to know one another over time.

Accepting a certain level of skepticism, riding the wave, and allowing your mind to skim over those elements which tend to be well-developed in longer romance novels, Blush: A Story of Dominance and Submission is a highly enjoyable and hot read; one which will get your juices flowing as well as tapping into the part of you that is submissive or dominant—or both.

I recommend this book as an enjoyable steamy read. Refreshing and fun, yet hot and erotic. Another great story by Ms. Snow.