By D. H. Starr 

Every moment counts when it's a race against time...

Martin Proctor has been on the Boston Police Force for 10 years.  He has helped his precinct and chief to maintain one of the best crime records in the city.  What no one knows is that Martin has premonitions which have helped him to solve cases others found impossible.

Justin Franklin is also a Boston cop.  Justin may not have a supernatural power, but as an openly gay man, he possesses a courage that draws Martin in.

When Martin has a premonition about the murder of Justin's brother and fails to save him, their lives become intertwined.  As they work together to discover the truth behind murder, Martin foresees Justin's death.

The closer they come to cracking the case, the less time Martin has to piece together his fragmented visions and save Justin before it's too late.

                                                                    MLR Press

                                                                                     Publication date pending final revisions
Tony is the best.  He's given me info along the way so I can make this as true as possible.  Hope I got it right Tony.  If not, it's no fault of yours.
Feed, Prey, Love
by D. H. Starr

Feed, Prey, Love is the first in a series of books I am writing which taps into my passion for speculative fiction. The series is called the Whispering Hills whcih is a condominium compley located in Providence, Rhode Island. With paranormals finally recognized as real, Whispering Hills is the first establishment where paranormals and humans cohabitate peacefully.

In this first book we meet Talib, a two hundred year old vampire who was born in Palestine. Having been changed by someone he respected in his youth, he vowed never to change anyone against their will. Yet keeping this promise has forced him to live in isolation for fear of losing control.

Conley Berillo is a handsome, well-build man whose confidence is a stark contrast to his phyical presence. Somewhat of an intellectual geek, Conley has come to expect that men only want him for his body. Whenever he starts to talk, men quickly lose interest.

When the two meet, they must both overcome their own demons of sorts before they are able to open to each other. Even then, forces conspire to try to prevent either man from ever finding true happiness.

You will have to read Feed, Prey, Love to see how these two men manage to overcome the odds and to experiences the obstacles they must hurdle to reach their happy ending.

                                                                        Ai Press
                                                                        Currently contracted, release date to be determined