Wrestling Within 
                                                         By D. H. Starr 

Book Three of the Wrestling Series




Wrestling Within is the third installment of the Wrestling series. In this book, Derek and Scott come to deeper understanding of each other. Derek's need to help others, often at risk to his own well-being challenges Scott's tenuous grasp on stability. Having moved around growing up and living under the stern and loveless scrutiny of his father, life has proven to Scott that good things are fleeting. The only constant he can trust is loss. This book deals mostly with Scott as he struggles to come to terms with his hang-ups before he drives a wedge between himself and Derek.

Ai Press
  Publication date pending final revisions
​​Wrestling With Desire

In book one we meet Derek and Scott. They are seniors in high school and develop a loving bond that is destined to last a lifetime.
Wrestling With Love

In book two we follow Derek and Scott to Boston University as the enter their freshman year. They are now adults and take their relationship to the next level, sexually as well as emotionally.​​