Wrestling Series Re-Release
                                                         By D. H. Starr 






​​Wrestling With Desire

Derek Tompson is a senior, a wrestler, and has a secret. He'd gay. Scott Thayer is a new student who has just moved to Cambridge, Massachusetts from Iowa. On the first day of high school, Derek and Scott meet and their lives change in an instant. As Derek and Scott discover the things they have in common, they enter into one of the closest and more loving relationships either of them has ever experiences. When unexpected circumstances threaten to tear them apart, they both have to make a decision. Do they protect their secret and separate? Or fight for what they want...each other?
Wrestling With Love

Derek Tompson and Scott Thayer met in high school. Facing challenges and overcoming obstacles that would make lesser young men fold, they now have a chance to forge a life together. As they eter college, they finally have the time and space to discover each other sexually and give their virginity to each other. However, in spide of the erotic thrill of exploration, there are still challenges ahead, challenges that will thest their love and devotion.

While Derek wants to live as an openly gay man, Scott wished to maintain a drgree of privacy. Not only that, but another freshman, Tyrell Jackson, becomes infatuated with derek and wants Derek for his own. In the face of these threats to their burgeoning relationship, Derek and Scott are forced to look within themselves and make difficult decisions which will change boh of their lives forever.

Is their relationship strong enough to bear the strain of balancing their needs as individuals and as a couple? The only way Derek and Scott will attain their ultimate reward is by finding the courage to face their fears. Will they rise to the challenge?​​​​
Wrestling With Passion

Scott and Derek's epic ​​passion continues into sophomore year with new challenges to face and overcome. There is one problem: How can you fight an adversary you can't see?

Derek has always helped others, often placing himself in risky situation. Scott has lived with instability his entire life, moving from place to place, never able to set roots. Surviving the obstacles set in place by Scott's unloving father and overcoming the threat of an unstable fellow students their freshman year, they start their second year of college believing they've overcome all the barriers blocking their future happiness.

All that changes when I troubled students, Tim, enters their lives. Derek can't help by reach out to the drug-abusing freshman. Scott can't suppress the paralyzing fear of losing Derek, the one stable thing in his life. As they compromise their own internal needs in an effort to support each other, resentment builds and guilt festers.

Is this new obstacle, the demons that live deep inside each other them, the one that might tear them apart?​​​​​​
Wrestling With Hope