Wrestling Within 
By D. H. Starr

The third in the Wrestling Series.

This book is fully drafted and currently under revision. Please follow this link HERE for the full description.​​

The Omega's Mate 
By D. H. Starr

Book 2 of the Whispering Hills series...

In Book 2, we meet a werewolf clan. The alpha, constantly having to maintain control, is pushed to his limits as feuding packs threaten the safety of the fragile relationship between humans and supernaturals in the Providence, Rhode Island area. Having to remain strong, fighting his own kind and managing the rising fear of neighboring humans, his leadership is constantly under attack. His only means of relief is the loving attention of his Omega, his mate, the only being who he can truly let his guard down around.
Feed. Prey. Love.

In Book One of the series, we meet Talib and Conley who both live at Whispering Hills, a condominium complex catering to both humans and supernatural beings. Talib, a 200 year old vampire is plagued by a fatal mistake from his past and has isolated himself from others for fear of making the same mistake again. That is, until he meets Conley.​​