3rd Derek and Scott Book
Not yet drafted

In this book, which I have not yet drafted, I intend to conclude the Derek and Scott saga. 

They will have been together through their senior year, meeting, falling in love, and dealing with the stress of a challenge that makes it difficult for them to be together.

They will have grown as gay men in their freshman year of college, exploring their sexuality and dealing with their feelings about coming out.

In this final book, I plan on addressing the issue of fidelity.  Each being the other's first real relationship and first sexual partner, this book will explore how they cope when one of them strays.  The central question will be, is love straing enough to overcome such a betrayal of trust?

Worthington Academy Series

This will probably be a while in coming, but I am working my brain around an idea to follow a character, Tanner Stevens, as he enters a boarding school.  I have toyed with the school being either a place for students with supernatural talents or being a plain old boarding school, just for boys.

Which would you rather see?  Let me know.  If you were to read about a kid in a boarding school what would you want to see happen?  What kind of villans would you really hate and how much would enjoy to see them get what's coming to them in the end?

I definately have some great ideas, but would love to hear from you.

Fairy Dust: Whispering Hills Book 2

Omega's Mate: Whispering Hills Book 3