His Brother’s Keeper follows the lives of Sal, Jess, and Jess’s younger brother Teddy. The book opens to a gripping series of events where Sal and Jess are searching for Teddy who has run away from home. The action places you into the heart of the pivotal moment that sets the book in motion.

As a reader, I was drawn into each character immediately; their nuances, behaviors, attitudes, and personalities all jumping off the page. Within a stressful set of circumstances, each character behaves in believable ways. Whether it’s the Sal’s stoicism trying to hold a stressful situation together, Jess’s worry as he searches for his brother, or Teddy’s resistance, just wanting to be left along, each character reacted and behaved in a way I could identify with.

As the story progresses and we learn more about each of the characters, their histories, and their hopes and fears, the book takes flight. I couldn’t put it down and when I had to (a 3-year-old and a 6-year old demanding attention can do that sometimes) I couldn’t wait to pick my e-Reader back up to continue the journey.

The conflict continually rises with each passing chapter, a technique which I found refreshing and new. Rather than following a typical story pattern where the two love interests meet, are happy for a while, are unhappy for a while due to some problem, then everything works out in the end, this story built tension throughout until, when it resolved at the conclusion I could finally let out a huge sigh and begin breathing again.

The kind of a journey where I am anxious, laughing, gritting my teeth, praying things will work out so the good guys AND the bad guys get what they deserve is what I seek in books and Ali hit the bullseye.

This is a definite must read.

His Brother's Keeper 
Readers' Comments;

"The chemistry between Jess and Sal is perfect, the sex, hot and steamy, Ali makes you feel the emotion. These guys are partners in the truest sense." ~~Debbie V

"The story is wonderful, funny, exciting, heart breaking without ever being maudlin, and is beautifully written. If you’ve wanted to sample a m/m romance this is the perfect entry into the genre." ~~Evanne L

"It's intense, emotional, and well, just plain wonderful. Packed with heart touching moments and sizzling love scenes, Ali has once more given us a book to remember." ~~Judith L

"Touching, funny, romantic, and beautifully written." ~~Lillian G

"His Brother’s Keeper is a terrific read! I don’t think Ali knows how to write anything other than wonderful.

This is an awesome story about the fragile unity of family! Ali Katz handled it heart and lots of love. A must read for any romance reader!" ~~ Jadette P

"A book worth reading twice." ~~Terri P

The Reviewers:

"Solid writing, well drawn characters, and an interesting and well paced plot kept me engaged throughout. There are some hot sex scenes as well as some tender moments between the protagonists and I liked that Teddy's problems were not magically solved. This is the first story I've read by Ali Katz and I look forward to reading more in the future."~~Lily, Rainbow Reviews