​By D. H. Starr


Martin Proctor has been on the Boston Police Force for ten years. His record is impeccable and he's helped his precinct and captain maintain one of the best crime records in the city. But no one knows Martin has premonitions which help him solve cases others find impossible.

Justin Franklin is also on the Boston force. Justin may not have supernatural abilities, but as an openly gay man, he possesses a courage that draws Martin in.

When Martin has a premonition about the death of Justin's brother and fails to save him, their lives become intertwined. As they work together to discover the truth behind Larry's murder, Martin foresees Justin's death.

The closer they come to cracking their case, the less time Martin has to piece together his fragmented visions and save Justin before it's too late.


"I thought I knew my brother. I thought I'd fit him nicely into this little box. Our distance seemed more bearable when I thought of him as a bad guy." A lump formed in Justin's throat, swelling painfully. It took time for him to swallow it back down.

​​ "Now..."


"Now I don't know. I think I may have been wrong about him. Maybe he was one of the good guys. Sure, he represented a lot of criminals, but maybe he didn't take the cases for the reasons I allowed myself to believe. If he wanted to expose the people who abused their positions, I guess I didn't know my brother at all."

Martin's hands felt good on Justin's back. "It must be hard having to let go of anger."
Justin leaned his head against Martin's shoulder. "I wish I could just have one more moment with Larry. He may have turned his back on me for being gay, but I turned my back on him as well, made assumptions about him. I wish I could tell him I was wrong about him, even if it didn't change our relationship."

Martin's arms tightened around him. Justin sank against that warm chest, hot tears coating the front of Martin's chest.

Slowly, Justin pulled away from Martin and glanced up, wiping his eyes. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to break down. You must think I'm out of my mind."

"I don't think that at all. I'm glad you came to me and trusted I would be here for you." A few moments of silence passed. "This is going to sound totally random, but you have the most beautiful eyes. Each time I stare at them I spot something new that mesmerizes me. Like now, after crying, the green and gold flecks are even more prominent."

Justin chuckled. "I should be annoyed at you finding something sexy about my crying, but I'm not." He leaned in for a gentle kiss, cupping one hand behind Martin's neck while the other slid along Martin's waist. Martin was a warm weight against him, his strong arms molding them together.

"I can't believe how my body reacts when I'm around you." Martin's voice whispered in Justin's ear, sending shivers down his spine. "I want to be so gentle with you but I also want to throw you down and take you."

Justin's cock lurched. "I know exactly what you mean." He trailed his tongue along Martin's jaw line, savoring the faintest rasp of new stubble. When he lowered his mouth to Martin's neck, he closed his lips around a rope of muscle, nibbling and sucking at the sweet skin. Martin groaned and arched his head, baring his throat further to Justin's ministrations. Justin scraped the tender skin with his teeth, savoring the way Martin shivered at the small bit of pressure.

When he pulled away, the need to breathe interrupting the far more pleasurable act of tasting the man holding him, a quarter-sized bruise was visible on Martin's neck. "Oh my God. I gave you a hickey."

"What? Shit. How am I gonna explain this to the guys?"

Justin laughed. "I'm sure you'll figure something out."

Martin laughed as well, but then remembered what had brought Justin to his home in the first place."Listen. If we're going to investigate your brother's death, we have to work together and we have to be smart. If anyone gets wind of what we're doing, it could bring a shit storm down on us."

A stray tear trickled down Justin's cheek as he stared at Martin.

"What did I do now?" The shock and exasperation on Martin's face forced a half-hearted chuckle out of him.

"You're just being...incredible. Despite the fact I lied and went to my brother's, despite the fact I just cried in your arms like a baby, you still want to help me. I don't deserve your help, but the fact you want to means the world to me."

Martin pulled Justin towards an open door, his bedroom visible and inviting. "Want you to stay the night."

"Don't want to leave." Justin pressed Martin against the bedroom door with his body and lowered his mouth to Martin's nipple, taking the nub in his mouth, nibbling gently. He ran his tongue in circles around the sensitive flesh. Tingling pleasure, like needles lightly scraping over skin with just the right amount of pressure, shot from Justin's mouth where his tongue danced over the hardened nipple, straight to his cock. A low moan echoed like music in Justin's ears as Martin slid his hand along the back of his head, holding him in place.

Finally, he released Justin, guided them both to the bed, and lay down. When he spoke it was only to issue a single demand. "Straddle my lap." Martin scooted up the bed and leaned against the headboard, then held out his arms so Justin could maneuver himself into a sitting position on top of him. He began removing Justin's shirt, undoing one button at a time. As soon as the swell of Justin's pectoral muscle was exposed, Martin leaned in and kissed it with an open mouth, using his tongue to massage the flesh.

Once he had removed Justin's shirt, he laid Justin flat on the bed while continuing to undress him, exploring each part of his body. He kissed the ridges of his abdomen, the curve of his hip. Urging Justin to raise his pelvis, Martin slid his pants down, kissing along the lengthy stretch of quadriceps and calf.

Justin squirmed in sumptuous pleasure. "Why'd you ignore my...uh, feels so co...oh my God, your tongue."Martin's touches were feather light, but purposeful. Justin had never felt so safe in all of his life, and never so terrified. Martin was quickly stealing Justin's heart and his mind and seemed to be doing so effortlessly.

As Martin kissed his way up one leg, massaging each muscle as he moved, Justin was helpless to do anything but succumb to the blissful pleasure. When he finally arrived at Justin's groin, he stopped, nuzzling between Justin's balls and thigh, teasing him, tentatively flicking his tongue at the sensitive skin. A pungent tang, sweet and salty, filled Martin's mouth as his nose was assaulted by Justin's distinctly musky smell.

Justin's legs started to tremble. He glanced down and was met by Martin's lust-filled gaze. His request came out as a whispering plea. "Please, take me in your mouth."
Martin's attention shifted to Justin's balls, taking one into his mouth and running his tongue around it. Justin's head thrashed back and forth against his pillow. "My God. So good."

Martin wrapped his long fingers around Justin's thick shaft and rubbed his thumb over the head. Once again, Justin gasped and more precum traveled the length of his shaft and erupted from the tip.

Sliding up Justin's body until he was peering into his eyes, Martin captured him in a heated kiss. Pulling away, his lips were slick and swollen. "Mmm. You taste sour and your cock is harder than a rock."

"Then get back down there and finish the job you started." Martin had him writhing inside his skin and he burned to feel more.

He hesitated for only a moment, a devilish smile crossing his lips. "I'll do my best, but you're...big."

Placing his hands on Martin's head, Justin pushed him back down. "You're doing just fine, now suck my dick!"

Martin's laugh teased along the sensitized muscle, just before his mouth closed over the head of Justin's cock. A cold, wet sensation brushed against the inside of his leg at the same time that the heat from Martin's mouth engulfed him. When Justin glanced down, he saw Martin's cock, pressed against his calf, shimmering with pearly stings of precum. The sight of Martin stroking his own shaft while his head bobbed up and down, trying to take as much of him into his mouth as possible, made Justin's pulse ring in his ears.

With each movement of his head, Martin took more and more of Justin into his mouth. He couldn't take all of Justin in, but he was doing a damn fine job of trying. Justin gasped. The sensation was turning his muscles to putty.

"Uh, God. Getting close."Justin's cock lurched and Martin responded by clamping down even harder, his suction increasing with each dip of his head. He gripped Justin's shaft, stroking in perfect time with his sucking, the combination of slickness and friction driving Justin closer and closer to the edge.

A few more strokes and Justin rewarded Martin's efforts with a loud moan. His balls pulled up, a tight ball of energy exploding deep inside him, shooting sensation outward. Pulling out of Martin's mouth, Justin gripped his cock and stoked it a few last times, a blissful rush of hot cum travelling the length and onto Martin's face. Martin closed his eyes as thick streams coated his lips, cheeks, and nose, the room filling with the pungent scent of sex.

Once Justin's spasms subsided, he lifted his head to watch Martin push himself into a kneeling position and walk his body forward so he straddled Justin's abdomen as a hot, welcome weight. Justin gasped as he stared at Martin's cum-streaked face and finished himself off, rapidly stroking his engorged cock. When Martin came, it was with a loud gasp, his seed spattering warmth onto Justin's chest.

Justin reached down, scooped a string of Martin's semen from his chest, and placed his fingers in his mouth. Martin's sweet, musky taste burst across his tongue. Martin shuddered above him, his body wringing out a few more thick drops of cum. All for him. He then collapsed on top of Justin, the weight of his body encasing him in warmth and safety. Martin hugged him close, and Justin wrapped his arms around him, shifting them so they rolled onto their sides.

Justin nuzzled closer to Martin, resting his head in the hollow between his shoulder and pectoral muscle. "That was incredible."

Martin rested his hand against Justin's chest, the other man's warm flesh capturing his heartbeat. For a moment, Justin felt utterly safe. Content. He wrapped his arms around Martin, squeezing and drawing a gentle hmmmmfrom the man next to him. Closing his eyes, relaxation began to return to his body and his mind.

As minutes ticked by, Martin's breathing became steady, even, until a gentle purr of a snore vibrated against Justin's cheek through Martin's chest. Smiling, Justin moved to the side, resting his head on the pillow and staring at Martin. A silver beam of light ran across his face, giving Martin an ethereal appearance, making him seem almost angelic.

It was that image that reminded Justin of what he had done. He had failed Martin the first time he was put to the test. He had broken his promise and gone off alone. As he continued to watch Martin sleep, marveling at the gentle rise and fall of his strong chest, Justin promised himself he would never break his word to Martin again. Not when the man had been so open and honest with him.

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