The Golden Boys
                              By Amber Green

A novella in
Smart Ass: Pressure Point

Have you ever wanted a fun short read. Something that doesn’t take too long to read, but isn’t so short it’s over before you have a chance to get into it? And do you love reading romance, but don’t have the time to read entire novels? Amber Green has worked in conjunction with one of her pals LB Gregg to provide just that in their series of short stories published by MLR Press.

Smart Ass: Pressure Point contains her story The Golden Boys, which follows Ethan and Jell. Ethan is a straight laced innocent guy. He knows he’s gay, but his parents, highly religious, wish he would cure his condition. His uncle Ron, far more accepting, gives him a job that will reconnect him with Jell, his childhood crush.

Jell, now a famous rapper, has checked himself into a detox facility because he has information about a drug exchange and is trying to avoid the dealers who want him dead and the FBI who want the information.

When Ron sends Ethan into the facility to get Jell out, a series of events take place which bring the two together…and boy do they get together.

In speaking with Amber, a member of my writing group, she called The Golden Boys
Dick-lit, a term I immediately fell in love with. I’m guessing it’s the gay brother to Chick-lit. At once sweet, steamy, and written tightly around an exciting plot, The Golden Boys (Smart Ass: Pressure Point) is a read not to be missed. I’ve already purchased her other short story in Smart Ass: Close Quarters.