Wrestling With Desire
                                                By D. H. Starr

Derek Thompson is a senior on the wrestling team and has lots of friends. He also has a secret. He’s gay. Derek maintains a comfortable life by concealing his secret through his protective guard, which he keeps up all the time.

Scott Thayer is a new student who just moved to Cambridge, Massachusetts from Iowa. Having had to move throughout his life because his father’s job, he has learned that he can’t count on people to remain in his life.

On the first day of school when Scott enters their first period English class, their lives change in an instant. As Derek and Scott become closer and discover that their feelings are mutual, they enter into one of the closest and most caring relationships either of them has ever experienced. When Scott’s father creates a barrier to their continued relationship, they both have to face the fears they have spent a life time avoiding. There is one question both of them must answer…Is if their desire for each other strong enough to overcome those fears?


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